1. Summer Dance Classes

    As the sun gifts us with its warm summer rays, the kids are chomping at the bit, counting down the days until summer break. It’s a child’s favorite time of the year — no school (of course), but also long days splashing around in the water, countless time having a blast with their best friends, spending time at the park running around like a wild child. Summer is most children’s favorite ti…Read More

  2. Dance Class Etiquette

    Here at Dance Obsession, we are dedicated to providing our little dancers with an environment that encourages fun! Nothing makes us happier than witnessing the smiles on the children’s faces as we teach them how to dance. Yet, even though we are all about the fun, we also want to help the kids reach their full dance potential. In order for this to happen, we ask the children (and the parents) to…Read More

  3. Why We Love to Dance

    There is a reason that we are named Dance Obsession. Every single member of our staff is obsessed with dancing! Dance is such an incredible gift and we are so happy that we get to spread our love of it to the students that attend classes at our dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens. While there are so many reasons why we love dance so much, we’re going to provide you with a few of our favorites. If…Read More

  4. Why Ballet is the Foundation of Dance

    If you’ve ever been a part of the dance community, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve heard that ballet is the foundation of dance (and you’re child will hear it too!). But why is this such a common phrase? That’s what we’ll be talking about in our blog today! Here at Dance Obsession, we teach a wide variety of dance classes for the kids at our dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens. If y…Read More

  5. Helping Your Tiny Dancer Through Separation Anxiety

    Have you found your child moving and grooving around the house? Nodding their head in the car when their favorite jam comes on the radio or dancing around the grocery store even without music playing? It seems like you might have a tiny dancer on your hands! Dance is a great way for your kiddo to have fun, and is also great for their development. By signing them up for dance class you will be help…Read More

  6. Choosing the Dance Class for Your Child

    Whether your little one has expressed an interest in dance to you or you constantly catch them grooving around the household, it’s likely that you’ve been trying to find the right dance class to put them in (especially if you’re reading this blog!). Enrolling your child with Dance Obsession offers so much more than just teaching them how to dance. As discussed in a previous blog, dance class…Read More

  7. Helping Your Tiny Dancer Succeed

    At our dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens, our entire staff is dedicated to helping each and every one of our students be the best dancer that they can be! No matter their age or their level of experience in dance, we provide a fun, nurturing, and structured class environment that encourages our dancers to learn and grow. While you can rely on us to teach your tiny dancer and keep them motivated, …Read More

  8. Fall Classes

    With the kiddos getting back into school and parents looking for some much-needed relaxation after all of the summer activities, it might seem like dance classes are done for the year, but that isn’t the case in the slightest! Our dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens is happy to provide fun and educational dance classes year round for the children because we know that they love to dance just as mu…Read More

  9. Positives of Ballet Class For Your Child

    In the realm of dance, ballet is known to be the most graceful form, as well as the most difficult. While some types of dance, such as contemporary or lyrical, offer the dancer a chance to be expressive and spontaneous, ballet requires a certain level of dedication and discipline. Although highly strenuous, a good ballet dancer is able to perform lithely, making the dance appear effortless. At our…Read More

  10. Getting Your Kids Excited For Dance Class

    Dance is known as a universal language. From the time we’re toddlers, there’s something in us that makes us bob our heads or wave our arms around when we hear a tune that we enjoy. Have you begun to notice this in your child? Do they dance around the kitchen with a big ol’ smile on their face and not a care in the world? Have you considered signing them up for our kids’ dance classes in Pa…Read More