Familiarizing Yourself With Forms of Dance

When looking at the schedule of dance classes at Dance Obsession here in Palm Beach Gardens, it’s likely that you will first feel a bit overwhelmed. After all, how can you know which class will be best for your child? Of course, if your kiddo has a preference, we would suggest that you go with that class, to begin with. On the other hand, if you are not sure, you may want to begin a more acquainted with each of the classes and what exactly it is that they offer. Continue reading below to find out more about our most popular dance classes so you can determine the right one for your child, or reach out to us if you’d like to learn more or sign up!

Ballet Classes

As the most popular style of dance that we see parents enroll their children in, ballet comes with plenty of perks. If you have a child who is able to focus easily and has no problem following instructions, this may be the perfect class choice. Seeing as how this class requires a good amount of repetitive movement and a lot of practice, children who are a bit more on the hyperactive side may want to try a different form of dance to begin with.

On the other hand, don’t let a lack of focus in your child force you to believe that ballet will never be for them. There are many ballet classes that are offered for children of very young ages that teach them the skills that will be needed to be successful is higher-level ballet classes.

Hip-Hop Classes

Hip-hop classes are probably the ones we get the most questions about from parents. If you have a child who tends to have a lot of energy and loves a good beat, hip-hop dance classes could potentially be a perfect choice. While these classes do teach a variety of challenging moves that can be a bit awkward at first, with the right child, the challenge will be easily accepted. We see children who are daring and ambitious do the very best in our hip-hop classes because they leave any sort of self-consciousness at the door before they enter the studio.

If your child has a lot of energy much of the time, we would suggest starting them off in a hip-hop class and seeing how it goes from there.

Jazz Classes

If your child is not interested in ballet or hip-hop, a jazz class could potentially appeal to them. These types of classes have a little bit of everything. From high kicks and challenging dance moves to the simplest of choreography, jazz class includes a wide array. Many people really love jazz because of this, and because it is the perfect combination of structure and creativity. If you are unsure of whether your child is structured enough for ballet and too structured for hip-hop, jazz is likely a great choice.

Tap Classes

In the same vein as jazz classes, tap classes are often a great introductory style for those who have never danced before. Tap dancing is also an especially great form of dance for a child who is in need of a bit more physical activity in their day to day. Additionally, children who are enrolled in tap dance classes will also develop better balance and coordination over time. Not to mention, children really seem to love the clicking and clacking they are able to make with their shoes…just be careful which surfaces they choose to practice on at home.

Enroll Your Child Today

Dance Obsession Dance Studio has a wide variety of dance classes you and your child can choose from together. If you are ready to start your kid on an exciting new path, contact us today and learn about all the classes you can potentially enroll your kid in today! We’re proud to provide dance classes for kids from our studio in Palm Beach Gardens.