Positives of Ballet Banner

In the realm of dance, ballet is known to be the most graceful form, as well as the most difficult. While some types of dance, such as contemporary or lyrical, offer the dancer a chance to be expressive and spontaneous, ballet requires a certain level of dedication and discipline. Although highly strenuous, a good ballet dancer is able to perform lithely, making the dance appear effortless. At our dance studio here in Palm Beach Gardens, we highly encourage our students to partake in our ballet classes, for not only is it the foundation of all dance forms, but it teaches important life lessons that our students will be able to utilize outside of the dance class.

Continue reading to learn of the many advantages that ballet offers, and contact us today to enroll your child now!

Promotes Discipline

One of the most beneficial attributes that ballet class teaches is a level of discipline not found in other extra-curricular activities for kids. By listening to and following the instructions of our devoted dance instructors, the children immediately learn that if they want to get better at dancing, they need to be willing to take direction. It may not happen immediately, but once it clicks and they realize that their skills are advancing, they become more dedicated to the dance lessons. This goes beyond ballet as well, branching out into the classroom setting, and eventually (years down the road, of course) into the work environment.

Health Benefits

It’s important to instill a desire to live a healthy lifestyle while your child is young so that it becomes second nature as they grow older. Not only does ballet keep your kid moving, growing their muscles through physical activity, but it will also help them become more flexible and coordinated as well.


As your child’s ballet talents begin to develop, their confidence will grow. At Dance Obsession, we’re dedicated to providing a nurturing and educational environment and ensure that no child falls behind the others. As they begin to realize that they can perform certain techniques through commitment and a willingness to learn, they’ll be more confident when it comes to learning the more difficult routines.

Improves Social Skills

Although it might be scary initially, especially if they don’t know anyone in the class, your child will soon realize that our dance studio promotes team building, and will start building some of the closest bonds with their classmates. This will carry over to when they start school again and realize that making friends isn’t so difficult or frightening after all.

It’s Fun

Most importantly, ballet class is fun! While we encourage our students to learn as much as they can, and become the best dancers that they can be, we never lose sight of the fact that dance class should be fun for the young ones. There is no lack of smiles in our classes, and seeing the students have a blast is one of the reasons we love what we do. If your kid has been showing an interest in dance, what are you waiting for? Enroll in ballet class today! As always, you can visit our dance studio here in Palm Beach Gardens, or contact us with any questions you may have.