Girls in Tutus During a Dance Class

As the sun gifts us with its warm summer rays, the kids are chomping at the bit, counting down the days until summer break. It’s a child’s favorite time of the year — no school (of course), but also long days splashing around in the water, countless time having a blast with their best friends, spending time at the park running around like a wild child. Summer is most children’s favorite time of the year. And while all their favorite summer activities are certainly going to happen, there are other things that they can do that you might haven’t thought of. Have you considered enrolling them in dance classes?

Whether your child is brand new to dancing or they were part of the dance family at our dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens during the school year, our summer classes are great for keeping them active and engaged, as well as having a good time. In this post, we’ll let you know a few reasons why signing them up for dance classes during the summer is a great idea. To learn more or if you’re ready to have them enrolled, contact us today!

Remedy for Summer Boredom

Of course, kids know how to keep themselves busy during the beginning of the break. There’s so much to do, so many friends to hang out with, so much time until the next school year! However, at one point or another, a little bit of summer boredom kicks in. Especially today with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, they begin to avoid the outdoors and stay inside with their noses glued to a screen.

While we can’t say that this won’t still happen from time to time when they’re taking dance classes, you can at least have the peace of mind knowing that they’re staying busy and active while they’re at our dance studio.

Continue Learning

Not only is it important to keep them physically active during the summer, but to keep their minds going as well. When they’re not in class learning, their brains can take a little vacation as well. Dance classes are a great way to continue exercising their creativity and learning skills. They will not only be learning new dance techniques, but also discipline, social skills, and how to follow directions properly. This will help prevent the slump that many kids’ minds go through when they go back to school.  

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Try New Dance Styles

If your young one has already been taking dance classes but has been wanting to try a different style, summer is the perfect time for this! Whether they’re curious about hip hop classes, ballet, tap, or any of the other wide range of classes that we offer, they can find out if it’s for them during their break.

We know that you love your little one with all of your heart, but let’s face it, you’re a busy person and don’t have the luxury of taking a summer vacation. It becomes difficult handling all of your responsibilities while also making sure that your child is busy and happy. So, as a bonus perk, when your child is enrolled in our classes at our dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens, you’ll have a bit of free time each week to do what you need or want to do! Win-Win! Not only is your child going to be learning and staying physically active, but they’ll be having a great time as well!

For more information about the dance classes for children that we offer, or if you would like to learn more about our dance studio, then please feel free to contact us today!