1. Why Should You Enroll Your Child In Dance Classes

    If you are the mother or father of a young child, it is likely that you are well aware that you need to keep them physically active in some way or another. Plain and simple, children who are physically active are not only healthier, but they also will reap the benefits when it comes to social and other times of development over time. While many parents think that dance classes are solely an activi…Read More

  2. Getting Acquainted With The Dance Studio

    Over time, the dance studio becomes a safe space for many of those who enter it. This is especially true of those people who find a true passion for dance. Plain and simple, this is something that we hope to offer to all those who come into our studio. However, we know that when first beginning to take dance classes, it is very easy to be intimidated by all that is going on. After all, being in a …Read More

  3. Preparing For Your Child’s First Dance Class

    If you have recently decided it’s time to give your child the gift of enrolling them in dance classes at Dance Obsession Dance Studio, it’s likely that you are trying to figure out everything you need to get done before the scheduled time of the first class. Your child is probably already very excited and ready to get into the studio, which is one of our favorite things about having someone jo…Read More

  4. Welcome to Dance Obsession!

    Welcome! Our name might just give it away, but here at Dance Obsession, we are OBSESSED with everything dance, and love to spread that enthusiasm to aspiring dancers in the Palm Beach Gardens community. We believe that dance is not only a freeing way in which to outwardly express one’s emotions in life, but it also instills important life lessons and skills. Ballet can teach poise, grace, and de…Read More

  5. The Right Age to Enroll Your Child in Dance Class

    Have you noticed your child waving their little arms and hopping up and down to the tune as their smile stretches from ear to ear when a catchy song comes on the radio? Have you seen them light up with joy as they shake and shimmy through the kitchen? Ever caught them dancing sans music, following the old adage to dance like no one is watching? If the answer is yes, it might be time to consider en…Read More

  6. Welcome!

    Welcome to Dance Obsession's new website! Stay tuned for updates!…Read More