1. Life Skills Learned Through Ballet

    In the realm of dance, ballet is known to be the most graceful form, as well as the most difficult. While some types of dance, such as contemporary or lyrical, offer the dancer a chance to be expressive and spontaneous, ballet requires a certain level of dedication and discipline. Although highly strenuous, a good ballet dancer is able to perform lithely, making the dance appear effortless. At our…Read More

  2. Getting Your Kids Excited For Dance Class

    Dance is known as a universal language. From the time we’re toddlers, there’s something in us that makes us bob our heads or wave our arms around when we hear a tune that we enjoy. Have you begun to notice this in your child? Do they dance around the kitchen with a big ol’ smile on their face and not a care in the world? Have you considered signing them up for one of our dance classes at the…Read More

  3. Advantages of Acro Class for Kids

    With the summer months in full swing, it’s possible that your child needs to get their nose out of their phone, their bottom off the couch, and into a fun and healthy activity to keep them entertained in a productive way! Here at Dance Obsession, we provide an array of kids dance classes in Palm Beach Gardens that will have your kiddo anxiously awaiting the next session. While it’s a common mi…Read More

  4. Mommy and Me Class!

    While we at Dance Obsession love each and every one of our classes, it’s pretty hard not to admit that one of our favorites to teach is our Mommy and Me dance class. Held on Saturdays from 9:15 AM - 10:00 AM for children from 1.5 to 2 years old, this kids dance class in Palm Beach Gardens is more than just a blast to watch, but helps the toddlers in more ways than just putting a big smile on the…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Competitive Dance

    Does your child not only love to dance, but excel at it as well? Have they always seemed to be a step ahead of the other kids in their dance class? Do they have the desire and dedication to become the best dancer that they possibly can? If this is the case, our competitive dance team in Palm Beach Gardens might be the perfect activity to inspire your child. Here at Dance Obsession, our competitive…Read More

  6. Gymnastic Classes

    Here at Dance Obsession, we’ve got a little secret that we’d like to share with you. Come closer. Dance isn’t the only class we teach! Are you appalled? Did you let out an audible gasp? Hear us out before you exit out of this blog! We love dance; in fact, we think it’s pretty clear by our name that we’re obsessed. But that includes all facets of dance! We promise we didn’t stray away f…Read More

  7. Familiarizing Yourself With Different Forms of Dance

    When looking at the schedule of dance classes at Dance Obsession here in Palm Beach Gardens, it’s likely that you will first feel a bit overwhelmed. After all, how can you know which class will be best for your child? Of course, if your kiddo has a preference, we would suggest that you go with that class, to begin with. On the other hand, if you are not sure, you may want to begin a more acquain…Read More

  8. Why Should You Enroll Your Child In Dance Classes

    If you are the mother or father of a young child, it is likely that you are well aware that you need to keep them physically active in some way or another. Plain and simple, children who are physically active are not only healthier, but they also will reap the benefits when it comes to social and other times of development over time. While many parents think that dance classes are solely an activi…Read More

  9. Getting Acquainted With The Dance Studio

    Over time, the dance studio becomes a safe space for many of those who enter it. This is especially true of those people who find a true passion for dance. Plain and simple, this is something that we hope to offer to all those who come into our studio. However, we know that when first beginning to take dance classes, it is very easy to be intimidated by all that is going on. After all, being in a …Read More

  10. Preparing For Your Child’s First Dance Class

    If you have recently decided it’s time to give your child the gift of enrolling them in dance classes at Dance Obsession Dance Studio, it’s likely that you are trying to figure out everything you need to get done before the scheduled time of the first class. Your child is probably already very excited and ready to get into the studio, which is one of our favorite things about having someone jo…Read More