Girl Wearing Tap Dance Shoes

If you’re looking for some reasons to get started taking dance lessons in Palm Beach Gardens, then look no further than today’s blog from Dance Obsession. As you might guess from our name, we’re obsessed with all things dance, and one of our favorite styles to teach and practice is tap dance!


Here are five great reasons why you should get started with tap dance lessons. Register online, or stop by our studio to get signed up for a class today.

Tap Dance Lessons Are Great Exercise

All forms of dance qualify as exercise, but tap is all about movement, power, and speed, making it an excellent form of exercise. Whether you just want to break a sweat to feel great, or you’re looking for some ways to make sure you’re burning a few extra calories each week, tap dance lessons are a great choice.

Tap Dance Is Insanely Fun

Like other forms of dance, tap requires control, but in a different kind of way. Performance tap encourages enthusiasm, playfulness, silliness, and rarely asks you to honor the 4th wall between you and the audience.


If you love shaking it out and making noise through stomping, clapping, and other kinesthetic body movements, then you’re going to go wild in a tap class.

Tap Dance Lessons Improve Your Rhythm

Rhythm: you either have it, or you don’t. At least that’s what people who have never trained in tap would say.


Tap dance lessons are great for improving your rhythm because they incorporate body movements, music, percussion, learned choreography, and LOTS of audio feedback.


As a matter of fact, tap dance lessons are so good at improving your rhythm that it’s pretty common that music teachers will recommend young children learning how to count music take a tap dance class for a while to help get it down.

Tap Connects You To Unique Pieces Of American Culture

Tap has a rich culture as a part of uniquely American performance art, and when you start taking tap dance lessons and learning about tap, you’ll start to become connected to this rich and storied part of the American past.


From emerging from slave dance styles to entertaining on the Vaudeville circuit to becoming a staple of classic American film and even helping to establish African Americans on the performance stage through the works of people like Gregory Hines, tap has been making people smile and breaking down barriers for well over a century.


Today, it can even be seen regularly in various Broadway shows and many other musical theater productions.

Tap Dance Lessons Prepare You For A Career On Broadway

As mentioned above, tap is an integral part of the body of work that any serious drama nut or musical theater fiend should consider, along with jazz, hip hop lyrical, and ballet.


On the Town, Book of Mormon, and Aladdin are all currently performed off-Broadway productions that feature tap dance numbers and routines.

Start Tap Dance Lessons With Dance Obsessions In Palm Beach Gardens Today

We think that these five great reasons to take a tap dance class are enough to convince just about anyone, but we get that some people just have to see for themselves. Whichever category you fall into, it’s time to lace up those taps and make some noise. Register for a tap dance class with Dance Obsession in Palm Beach Gardens today.