Gymnastics Classes

Here at Dance Obsession, we’ve got a little secret that we’d like to share with you. Come closer.

Dance isn’t the only class we teach!

Are you appalled? Did you let out an audible gasp? Hear us out before you exit out of this blog! We love dance; in fact, we think it’s pretty clear by our name that we’re obsessed. But that includes all facets of dance! We promise we didn’t stray away from dance, we’re simply talking about the acro and tumbling classes at our studio here in Palm Beach Gardens! Are you still mad at us?

Gymnastics and dance are so closely related that we can view them as twin siblings. While they are both unique and have their own characteristics, they also use each other to build off one another. Gymnastics requires the poise, grace, and finesse of dance, while dance needs the strength, flexibility, and coordination of gymnastics.

If your child is beginning to take dance classes, we highly recommend signing them up for one of our tumbling and/or acro sessions. Not only will it help them in many aspects of learning how to dance, but most importantly, it’s also a blast for the kids! Here are a couple benefits of having your child take a gymnastics class at our dance studio.


As your child grows older (sorry, it happens), it’s important to aid in their development. Tumbling classes not only help with their flexibility and strength but also is extremely beneficial for their coordination. Through learning how to perform front and back rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and more, your child will be developing alignment skills. We know it’s darn cute to have them clumsily walk and stumble around, but at a certain point, it isn’t cute anymore! Working with their coordination will help them develop cognitive skills and body awareness so that they can begin to walk in straight lines at a young age.


Have you ever seen an out-of-shape gymnast? Unless they’re retired, it’s very unlikely. Gymnastics provide gymnasts with a level of strength that few other sports compare to. With every muscle working together to perform a routine, they achieve lean and toned muscles. While this isn’t the goal for your child (we hope), starting gymnastics at a young age will help build the foundation of an all-around strong and healthy kid.


Maybe your child has already taken tumbling classes or just knows the tricks of the trade. If that’s the case, we also provide acro classes that build on the foundation of tumbling. Acro students take tumbling to the next step by learning how to perform handsprings, aerials, and other advanced tumbling tricks.


What’s the most crucial reason for signing your child up for tumbling or acro classes? They love it! Getting to literally “tumble” around on cushioned mats and learn how to perform cartwheels and handstands? They will thank you for enrolling them and will look forward to each and every class! So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out our dance studio’s class schedule and enroll your little one today! Dance Obsession proudly provides dance classes for kids from our studio in Palm Beach Gardens.