Just because hip-hop dance is one of the newest dance forms out there doesn’t mean that it isn’t complex and beneficial to your child’s overall dance career. Hip-hop dance incorporates new and old urban dance styles and teaches the children how to move their bodies along with the beat and rhythm of the music. It is incredibly dynamic and will help improve the dancer’s flexibility, coordination, freestyle moves, and so much more. It is without a doubt one of our more popular classes for kids to take and a style that everyone enjoys. Another reason children love it is that it doesn’t require a strict dress code, they just have to wear comfortable street clothes, and they can dance in sneakers!

If your child is already into hip-hop music and wants to learn how to properly dance to it, then this is the perfect class for them! For more information or to schedule a tour of our dance studio, contact us today. If your child already can’t wait, then sign them up now!