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More often than not, dancing is a combination of body movements going along with music, and tap brings that to the next level. In general, tap is a rhythmic combination of sounds using the toes and heels while wearing shoes fitted with metal taps. It is honestly one of the most fun a dancer can have! While we all tap our feet to a song that we like, in tap, the dancer creates even more sound while combining specific moves and techniques.

There are multiple reasons for you to sign up your child for tap class. For starters, it is a great workout that provides multiple health benefits and helps teach them about the importance of living an active lifestyle. Tap dance also encourages children to expand their creativity when performing and also teaches self-discipline, poise, and grace! Not to mention, when they start understanding the moves and getting better, their confidence will be boosted as well! We promise that your child will look forward to their classes and will have a reliable, skilled, and dedicated instructor to teach them!

Dance Obsession loves everything about dance and we want to spread that interest to every student that we have. Whether your child is mostly interested in learning tap, wants to learn ballet, or wants to try all of the different forms, then we can help! Contact our dance studio in Palm Beach Gardens today for more information!

Dress Code: Any color leotard, sports bra, dance shorts, leggings, tights. Black Lace up tap shoes.