The Benefits of Competitive Dance

Does your child not only love to dance, but excel at it as well? Have they always seemed to be a step ahead of the other kids in their dance class? Do they have the desire and dedication to become the best dancer that they possibly can? If this is the case, our competitive dance team in Palm Beach Gardens might be the perfect activity to inspire your child.

Here at Dance Obsession, our competitive dancers have won countless awards, including multiple regional titles and several dancers of the year awards. While we always make sure that our students are having fun, our competitive team also takes the art of dancing seriously. If your child makes it through auditions, they’ll not only be advancing their skills but also learning critical lessons that they’ll be able to carry on into their adult life. Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits provided by taking the next step, and joining our competitive dance team — call us if you’d like to learn more!

Hard Work

One of the most important things we instill in our dancers is the importance of hard work. Joining our dance team requires multiple hours of training a week, as well as a level of commitment that average children between the ages of seven to eighteen rarely exemplify or experience. Our dancers will learn that the only way to compete at this level is through dedication. We know it’s scary to think about now, but when they reach adulthood they’ll be able to carry this work ethic through college and into their careers.


Experience is crucial when it comes to the world of dance. Without the ability to train and rehearse effectively, or have a commanding stage presence, it’s not likely that their dancing careers will reach their potential. Through time, our dancers learn to quell their fear of the stage lights and the audience in front of them, so much so that the stage begins to feel like home. They will also learn techniques and forms from dancers they meet along the way, and gain a healthy love for competition. Once again, these lessons will carry over into their daily lives, helping them overcome public performances and speaking, as well as a desire to learn and better themselves.

The Ability to Accept Criticism

Accepting constructive criticism is an ability that few adults even have. Through training with our certified dance instructors and receiving feedback from judges at the competition, your child will learn that criticism is not meant to put them down, but build them up. Being part of a competitive dance team isn’t easy, but all of our dancers are committed to becoming the best that they can be. Therefore, every piece of advice and criticism helps to improve their dance technique. This skill of taking constructive criticism as a chance to grow comes with countless benefits in life and a desire to always get better.

Poise and Self-Confidence

Dancing is a beautiful art form and takes an immense amount of poise and skill in order to make such difficult performances seem easy to an untrained eye. Maintaining composure is crucial not only through the dances, but also during the ceremonies, and offstage as well. We teach our dancers to carry out their lives in a courteous and respectful manner, no matter the pressure. After training and performances, our dancers not only conduct themselves gracefully but acquire a new level of self-confidence that they didn’t have before.

Team Camaraderie

We know that some of the information we’ve provided might seem a little intensive, but if your child is truly dedicated to dancing and would like to perfect their craft, competitive dancing is for them! We also left out the most important part, our team becomes a family. Between our weekly training, traveling, competitions, and combined motivation to be the best dancers that we can be, we build a team camaraderie that is truly unlike anything else. We’re a cohesive dance group, dedicated to each and every member of our team. If your child is ready and dedicated to joining the best competitive dance team in Florida, be sure to check our audition times for this summer or contact us with any questions. The entire team at Dance Obsession of Palm Beach Gardens looks forward to seeing you!