Getting Your Kids Excited for Dance Banner

Dance is known as a universal language. From the time we’re toddlers, there’s something in us that makes us bob our heads or wave our arms around when we hear a tune that we enjoy. Have you begun to notice this in your child? Do they dance around the kitchen with a big ol’ smile on their face and not a care in the world? Have you considered signing them up for one of our dance classes at the studio here in Palm Beach Gardens? If you’re reading this, then we think you have!

Dancing isn’t only a great dose of happiness, but as your child is developing, taking dance classes is beneficial in so many other ways as well! When your kid finds themselves at our dance studio, they’ll learn how to socialize with others in their class, follow instructions, enhance their balance and coordination, and most importantly — have fun!

No matter how old your little one is, or how much they know about dance, the dance classes we provide will help them grow (we know you don’t want to think about them growing, we’re sorry). If you’re ready to sign them up today, here are a few things you can do around the house that will get them even more excited to join our dancing family!

Encourage Them!

If your child has already found their love of dance, the most important thing to do is let them go wild with it! Whether you’re a dancer yourself, or avoid it in social situations at all costs, join in with them! Wiggle those arms around, shake those hips! As they say, dance like no one is watching! Because when you’re with your young one, and they’re having a good time, what does it matter? Play their favorite songs on high, have them dance around after breakfast, and remember that dancing is not only great for their spirits but for their body as well! Staying active is important (for all of us) but especially for growing children. So dance the night away with them!

Let Them Know What to Expect

While we encourage all-around fun, we also expect our students to learn during their dance classes with us. Let them know that they should listen to the dance instructor if they want to get better! Also, we understand for the really young ones that being in a group can be intimidating. Let them know how great it’s going to be when they build friendships! The more they know of what will be happening during their dance class, the less scared and more willing to participate they will become!

Whatever You Do, Don’t Correct Them

Seriously. Leave that to us! They don’t want to be told by their parents that they’re doing it wrong, and you’re probably going to get some backlash if you try to correct their technique. Just let them do what they do, and we promise to teach them proper technique whether it’s in tap class, hip hop, or ballet.

Have Fun!

The most important thing at home, and in our classes, is to let the children have fun. We encourage a learning environment with laughs and smiles aplenty! Find your inner-child as you dance around the kitchen with them, we promise that you’ll love it! Your kid is ready, are you? Sign your kiddo up for a dance class at our studio in Palm Beach Gardens today!