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Have you noticed your child waving their little arms and hopping up and down to the tune as their smile stretches from ear to ear when a catchy song comes on the radio? Have you seen them light up with joy as they shake and shimmy through the kitchen? Ever caught them dancing sans music, following the old adage to dance like no one is watching? If the answer is yes, it might be time to consider enrolling them in our kids’ dance classes at our studio here in Palm Beach Gardens!

Dance has been around since the dawn of humanity. It was used as a form of communication before spoken languages even existed, and has been a way to express our emotions no matter where in the world we may be. What is our favorite emotion conveyed through dance? Happiness, of course! We’ve all had a time when we find our feet involuntarily tapping to a song, or felt the freedom of just letting go and dancing with no reservations.

Dancing is good for the body, mind, and soul. While adults benefit from dance, too, it offers tons of benefits for kids, including helping them burn off some of their excess energy. Are you worried your child is too young, or that they may have missed their opportunity? Not a chance.,Let us give you a few examples of classes we offer and some advice on how to choose the right one for your child.

Dance is for Everyone

That’s right! Although some people might not be as graceful or poised as others, no one is barred from dancing! This is especially true with children. Before they even say their first word, a child can have a favorite song, and unique (and downright adorable) moves. Here at Dance Obsession, we offer an array of dance classes for all ages and skills to tap into their potential. So while a two-year-old is a little too young for advanced ballet classes, they’d have a blast in our expressive dance class! Here are some of the dance classes that we provide, starting with classes meant for the extra young ones.

  • Mommy and Me – For tiny little dancers ages one-and-a-half to two, our Mommy and Me class is a great way for your child to learn the fundamentals of ballet and tap, while also having a blast. Parents interact with their children and are guaranteed to have a smile on their faces throughout the dance class. Also, dads are welcome, too!
  • Expressive Dance A blend of ballet, tap, fun, and imagination makes this class perfect for children two to three years old. Expressive dance is perfect for really letting loose, while also learning some of the basics of dance!
  • Tumbling – Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of tumbling? We offer tumbling classes for ages three to five, five to eight, and nine-plus. After just a few sessions, your child will be a cartwheeling, hand-standing, forward- and backward-roll expert!
  • Tap – While being a little bit more complicated than tumbling or expressive dance, our beginner tap classes are recommended for dancers six to eight years old, and children over nine for our advanced classes. Tap is a great way for students to learn the importance of coordination and flexibility while strengthening their legs and feet. We promise you’ll learn to love the tap, tap, tapping in your home as they build their tap dancing talent, although it might take a few classes.
  • Ballet – Being the foundation to all dance forms, ballet is often regarded as the most important dance style. Not only will it help your child in learning the other dance techniques, but it will also teach them poise, grace, flexibility, and even self-confidence. We offer many levels of ballet class, from beginning ballet for dancers aged five to eight, to advanced ballet/pointe for students over the age of 12.
  • Competitive Did your child take an early shine to dance? Have you been looking for a way to help them achieve their dance potential? Dance Obsession is proud to be the home to one of the most talented competitive teams in the Palm Beach Gardens area. Meant for the more serious dancers, keep your eyes out for our competitive auditions if your child shows a real talent for dance.

Benefits of Dance Class

Dancing is fun. We know it, you know it, and your child will know it (if they don’t already). But not only is it fun, but extremely beneficial for your child’s growth as well. Here at Dance Obsession, we provide a nurturing environment for our students to grow as dancers, and as human beings. Through our classes, your child will advance their social skills, their ability to follow directions, build their self-confidence, and most importantly make memories that will last a lifetime. No matter what skill level or age of your little dancer, we’ve got a class for them. Stop waiting, enroll in one of our dance classes today! As always, feel free to visit our studio in Palm Beach Gardens, and contact us to sign up for one of our many dance classes today!